Update and Borrowed Content

Hi all. Its been a testing schedule the past few months thus the absence of any writing. Hopefully, something will come through soon. We are also looking at doing YouTube to try and reach as many as possible. Currently, the plans are at their infancy but the idea is to introduce the Bible, its history, the principles of reading and interpreting the Bible as well as any other area that is central to understanding the Bible and sound doctrine. In the end, we hope to go through all the books of the Bible, teaching what God is saying through His … Continue reading Update and Borrowed Content

Of Financial Reports, AGM’s, Accountability and the Kenyan Church

In Kenya, Churches are registered and administered under the Societies Act. If we were to assess the administration of finances as per the provisions of the Act, many would be closed with many leaders taken to court and eventually prison. This is the reality of the Kenyan Churches. It is with this reality that we the faithful must reconcile if we are to extricate ourselves from this mire and to emerge as the faithful stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us for His mission. Continue reading Of Financial Reports, AGM’s, Accountability and the Kenyan Church